Refrigeration In Manufacturing Plants

There are frequent and varied needs for refrigeration in the machining, forming, and fabrication of products made from metals, plastics, and other materials. An example is the cooling of the fluid sprayed on the point-of-contact between a machine tool and metal. In many factories, a network of pipes carries compressed air for air motors and other users of air power throughout the plant. When air, particularly humid air, is compressed and brought back to room temperature, water in the compressed air may condense and adversely affect the operation of equipment using the compressed air. To condense the water where it can be removed, some compressed air systems use a refrigerated heat exchanger located immediately after the air compressor.

Many manufacturing plants operate environmental test chambers to duplicate or even exaggerate extreme conditions to which the product might be subjected during normal use. These extremes almost always include high and low temperatures and high and low humidities. Environmental test chambers call for refrigeration to achieve their low temperatures. The task of the refrigeration plant in usually to provide a source of low-temperature air.

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